Birdman and Tanner Hall in the Great White North.

michael shafferComment

Tanner and I had been in contact since back in the days, but never got the chance to ski together. Well, the universe alined last season and these brothers in wings were blessed with 7 days of high pressure,  bird hero snow and stable conditions.

We got out there and i was looking up to the tops of the peaks, and then i realized these guys were looking at 200 meter faces riddled with pillows, spines and strange enough features to make you hallucinate. It was then that i realized that this trip was going to be different and it was here my skiing was elevated to another degree. Yes we skied some birdiful steep turns,flew down some wide open bowls, and basked in this powerful zone, but it was the pillow hauling adventure, and the friend ship fostered that make me wanna return.   Bird

In case your wondering this was shot nearly a year ago, and I share this with you now because  we are due to return in a couple of weeks and i  look forward to bring you the Revelstoke HIGHS SEQUAL KAAAAAAW!!!

Thanks Paul Sillijama for making the trip. Without you my Finish compadre it would not have been the same, and for sure the boarder crossing wouldn't have been nearly so funny!!