Frequently Asked Questions

When will my products ship?

We will try to ship your order out ASAP!  If you have any immediate concerns, please email with any questions. 


I need my sleeve/mask/hat ASAP!  Can you rush it to me?

Please email, we will do our best to work with you so you get your order on time.  *Extra Shipping fees will be birdtermined if nesTessary.


Are you getting more of those hot pink Birdwhere ski suits in stock?

Wouldn't that be flocking awesome?!  But really, if you have a craving for an old Birdwhere piece/color/style, let us know, the oppBirdtunities are endless! 


I live overseas, can you ship me my order and mark it as a 'gift' so I avoid tariff taxes? 

Unfortunately, we cannot do this.  It is illegal and we here at Birdwhere do NOT participate in unBirdpropriate activities. 

Can Bird come to my Birthday Party/Graduation/Wedding/Barmitzvah/Easter/Flag Day?!

Please email Bird's agent at 


Where's the fun at?!

That is for you to decide...