Open up and embrace the joy in the jOURrney!

Full Wingspan

 Bird became the word in 2004. and the Where soon followed, as in, Where do you want to be bird like? IT was the word that represented how we wanted to live our lives. The vision was that like  minded, “birds of a feather”, would be connected together through the word Bird.

With the mountains the stage, and skiing the way, we tapped into an energy that fostered a positive lifestyle change. We called it the, High Energy Zone. A place where we plugged in to Nature's energy source and lived and loved, supporting each other in the mountains and the valley.

Our Mission Statement remains the same:                                                                                                 Birdwhere signifies a simple way of life; born of imagination and the mountain's high energy zones.Bird symbolizes a connected people creating a community across continents. All of whom share the vision of following their dreams, living life to the fullest, and loving as much as possible.

 Now 10 years later we are still on the path towards Full Wingspan, not a destination but a choice, to open up and embrace the joy in the journey. People have connected all over the planet with this one word, Bird. You will know them by their “Sleeve”, our original hemp headband that has stood the test of time, becoming the crown jewel of Birdwhere.