Cham Alive - (Short) A dedication to life and love.

michael shafferComment

A special thanks to American Dave, David Rosenbarger. 

Here is a quick one minute version of our original Cham Alive movie, also dedicated  to the beautiful lives of David Rosenbarger, Andreas Fransson, Brendan O'Sullivan, JP Auclair and Liz Daley.

 Though this piece is in memory of all these incredibly gifted individuals, it's American Dave who we are thinking of and thanking today.

Dave brought Birdwhere to new heights exposing our name on high in Chamonix. Through his dedication to skiing, Birdwhere was found on bill boards with Patagonia, and in the pages of Powder Magazine.

Dave repbirsented  the only way he knew how, Full Wingspan. 

Thanks Dave, we miss ya up on the hill, but feel your spirit grace us on the daily! 


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