Birdwhere - clothing that connects.

Signature Bird Sleeves

Made in heaven out of a renewable resource. Hemp/Cotton/Lycra.

It all started with the Sleeve…

Bird used to tear his shirtsleeves off and wear them as a headband. With a piece of duck tape and a permanent marker he wrote bird on them and the Birdwhere Journey began.  

This unique “Bird Material” is tried and tested by the mountain hippy cruster, the yoga instructor, and the down town city rocker. It does not get crusty, crunchy or stinky, and feels good against the skin. This is a valuable piece of equipment for the Journey. 

There are many ways to wear “The Bird Sleeve.” 

About the Birdwhere material:
Hemp/Cotton/Lycra.  Our Bird material is uniquely comfortable, does not get crunchy and stinky like synthetics and cotton does, and requires no harmful pesticides or chemicals in the growing process. It is also a valuable resource, and one way that we can show that there is other material out there that is sustainable. 





One size fits most



Natural w/ Turquoise
Orange w/ Brown
Black w/ Silver
Green w/ Grass Green
Turquoise w/ Brown
Dark Blue w/ Lt Blue
Brown w/ Turquoise
Pink w/ Dark Pink
Raspberry w/ Turquoise